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Archive: Feb 2011

  1. New FEMA Private Sector Online Resources

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    FEMA Private Sector Division is working with you to implement new initiatives and programs that foster a whole community approach to emergency management. They include the following online resources:

    Seeking private-sector input, FEMA invites executives to work at headquarters, Washington Post Newspaper – · The New FEMA Community Level Table Top Exercise – · FEMA Private Sector Weekly Preparedness Tips and the Weekly Preparedness Tips Catalog –

    In addition, you may sign up for future FEMA Private Sector updates by selecting the FEMA Private Sector e-mail alerts and adding your information to our email list service located at the following link: You may also submit inquiries to

    Visit us on the web at, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

  2. Community Level Critical Power Failure Tabletop Exercise is now available

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    Today, FEMA’s Private Sector Division posted a new community level Tabletop Exercise, the third in its series of free tools for continuity planning, preparedness and resiliency. The first two exercises offered tips on employee preparedness and emergency planning at the organizational level. This new one builds on that design, and has a broader community-wide scope that you can use in coordination with your local emergency management partners.

    As an added bonus, this new Community level exercise includes:
    · Twitter feeds and text alerts, in addition to the Virtual News Network (VNN) videos.

    It has the same great simple to use and scalable format. It has also been vetted by some of you, and incorporates real-world examples.

    We welcome your continued feedback on the design and usefulness of the tabletop exercises and encourage you to let others know of the availability of these planning tools. You can send comments to

    The new exercise is available at our Website: