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With a wide diversity of experience pertaining to services rendered, our staff is ready to handle your survey needs. Though qualified through experience, education, and licensure, our greatest strength is our desire to obtain sincere client satisfaction, as we believe the most important form of marketing is client recommendation. Throughout our twenty years in business, we have gained a strong understanding that team collaboration, honesty, and diversified education, merged with a genuine care for high quality, contributes to client satisfaction. With an entirely state licensed survey staff, we can combine our skills into a single concept and take care of our clients in a highly professional manner.

Land Surveying

We stay excited in moving forward, utilizing the latest technologies to efficiently accomplish all tasks and hold strong to our motto “Using today’s technology and yesterday’s work ethic” as our most basic strategy for success. Upon completion of land surveying services, we will sit down with our client if they desire to review our findings and the decisions we made to complete the project. This is often extremely interesting and beneficial for the client. It is our mission to help clients understand our process and let them know exactly what they can expect from us.

Call for a free quote and for answers to your questions. We are ready to extend our professional effort, service, and quality to our loyal client base and to new clients. For more information pertaining to the process and components of a boundary survey, please go to the following pages in our website:

Breakdown of a Boundary Survey

What to Expect from Nadeau Land Surveys


Floodplain Services

As Professional Land Surveyors having performed thousands of Flood Determinations and many formal submissions to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, we have gained a keen understanding of FEMA’s program and submittal process. To increase our knowledge and enhance our ability to serve our clients, I have obtained a nationally recognized designation of Certified Floodplain Manager, the National Society of Professional Land Surveyors recognized designation of Certified Floodplain Surveyor, and the Associate in National Flood Insurance. In 2015, three other staff members received the Certified Floodplain Manager designation.

These designations have greatly increased our ability to understand problems associated with flood zones and flood insurance, and allow us to make strong recommendations to resolve those problems for homeowners as well as real estate and land use professionals who have not been trained in those areas. With a genuine desire to educate users of the NFIP, we offer continuing education classes and presentations to professional groups to raise awareness about the Program. We also deliver a free monthly electronic newsletter entitled “Welcome to the Flood Zone” to many local and national recipients. Please click here to subscribe.

With issues such as rising sea levels and climate change upon us, the role of floodplain managers throughout the country will continue to expand. Understanding risk and mitigation concepts through education should be of much importance to the public, land surveyors, floodplain administrators, Realtors, architects, municipal officials, mortgage professionals, engineers, developers, and insurance agents. Understanding flood risk has a direct relationship to public safety, loss of life or personal belongings, and real estate values.

“There are two primary reasons for the dramatic increase in natural-disaster related losses: an increase in the people and property in harm’s way and an increase in the frequency or severity of the hazard events.”

~ From “Reducing Coastal Risk on the East and Gulf Coasts”, The National Academy of Sciences, 2014

Contact our office with questions or a need for service. Let us guide you through the flood map challenge process and suggest options on how to better prepare for the future.


GPS & GIS Mapping

GPS allows us to horizontally place our projects on a variety of coordinate systems, such as Maine State Plane, Universal Transverse Mercator, and Geographic (Latitude & Longitude) projected systems.

Pertaining to vertical elevations, we can provide data on either the National Geodetic Vertical Datum of 1929 or the North American Vertical Datum of 1988. With greater efficiency and productivity, we offer competitive rates without sacrificing the high quality service and care our clients have come to expect.

In addition, it is often a municipal requirement for development projects to be placed on the above noted Maine State Plane Coordinate System. We offer this service to both our clients and colleagues. Our project experience is vast and includes service or support for aerial control mapping, as-built commercial and residential developments, cellular towers, cemeteries, construction layout and control, gravel pits, rights of way, stockpiles, storm water drainage, topographic surveys, FEMA submissions, utility infrastructure, and wetlands mapping.

Using continuous centimeter-level accuracy with ground augmentations, highly accurate surveying and mapping results can be rapidly obtained, thereby significantly reducing the amount of equipment and labor hours that are normally required of other conventional surveying and mapping techniques. Being able to work in diverse conditions, with more accuracy and efficiency, while working in accordance with private and public agencies, gives our clients timely and valuable information to make informed decisions.


GIS is often a misunderstood technology since the degree of accuracy can vary due to the accuracy of the underlying technology implemented for data collection. Our technical and professional experience in both land surveying and GIS provides our clients with a clear and concise understanding of accuracy and level of recommended usage. For example, GIS should not be used for the computation of accurate numbers such as areas, building setbacks, or computations for design layout, but it has become an extremely valuable tool for the merging of data into specific layers best used for planning and conceptual designs. The setting of significant figures within the GIS software will often give a false sense of high accuracy.

GIS is a wonderful resource for comparison and display of many forms of geospatial data located in the same general area, but accurate field measurement remains the best method to remove numerical inaccuracies. Please feel free to call should you have any questions pertaining to GIS.

Project experience includes utility right of way and analysis, environmental remediation, site analysis, storm water and sewer conveyance mapping, pavement management, watershed analysis, and solutions for the needs of a municipality or governmental body.


Underground Utility Locating

Nadeau Land Surveys also provides utility locating services under the name of AAB (Above And Below) Utility Locating. Our business model is unique among all of our competitors. Upon completion of research and the marking of the utility, we are able to field locate the utility for safety purposes, provide long term data storage, and meet municipal as-built survey requirements. We can do this accurately and efficiently through the implementation of our survey grade Global Positioning System (GPS) and our Geographic Information System (GIS). If needed weeks, or even years from now, we could relocate the same line either from survey stakeout or with the aid of our Radiodetection RD8000. In 2009, in an effort to raise our skill level in utility location, I obtained a Certificate of Locating Competency from Casper College in Wyoming.

Our goal is to provide peace of mind to home owners, contractors, excavators, site planners, engineers, and developers. We strive to protect our customers from costly damage and the dangers associated with ground excavating. Call if you would like to discuss our services in more detail.


Real Estate Services

Our team has provided and performed transactions for vacant lots, subdivisions, single family homes, multi-family homes, condominiums, and waterfront property. As surveyors, we can recognize issues that are often overlooked by most Realtors because they take place outside of the physical home. Having this knowledge could create financial gain or prevent future losses. We can help clients understand ownership history, existing conditions of the land, easements, zoning, utilities, setback requirements, flood insurance needs, and much more.

We also have an esteemed collaboration with professionals from many areas of practice, such as mortgage brokers, insurance agents, engineers, architects, landscape architects, soil scientists, municipal code officers, planners, and floodplain administrators, to name a few. If there is something we cannot personally help you with, we know someone who can, and we are happy to provide trustworthy referrals.

Please call if you have questions or would like us to represent you in your next transaction.