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Floodplain Services

As Professional Land Surveyors having performed thousands of Flood Determinations and many formal submissions to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, we have gained a keen understanding of FEMA’s program and submittal process. To increase our knowledge and enhance our ability to serve our clients, I have obtained a nationally recognized designation of Certified Floodplain Manager, the National Society of Professional Land Surveyors recognized designation of Certified Floodplain Surveyor, and the Associate in National Flood Insurance. In 2015, three other staff members received the Certified Floodplain Manager designation.

These designations have greatly increased our ability to understand problems associated with flood zones and flood insurance, and allow us to make strong recommendations to resolve those problems for homeowners as well as real estate and land use professionals who have not been trained in those areas. With a genuine desire to educate users of the NFIP, we offer continuing education classes and presentations to professional groups to raise awareness about the Program. We also deliver a free monthly electronic newsletter entitled “Welcome to the Flood Zone” to many local and national recipients. Please click here to subscribe.

With issues such as rising sea levels and climate change upon us, the role of floodplain managers throughout the country will continue to expand. Understanding risk and mitigation concepts through education should be of much importance to the public, land surveyors, floodplain administrators, Realtors, architects, municipal officials, mortgage professionals, engineers, developers, and insurance agents. Understanding flood risk has a direct relationship to public safety, loss of life or personal belongings, and real estate values.

“There are two primary reasons for the dramatic increase in natural-disaster related losses: an increase in the people and property in harm’s way and an increase in the frequency or severity of the hazard events.”

~ From “Reducing Coastal Risk on the East and Gulf Coasts”, The National Academy of Sciences, 2014

Contact our office with questions or a need for service. Let us guide you through the flood map challenge process and suggest options on how to better prepare for the future.