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Real Estate Services

Our team has provided and performed transactions for vacant lots, subdivisions, single family homes, multi-family homes, condominiums, and waterfront property. As surveyors, we can recognize issues that are often overlooked by most Realtors because they take place outside of the physical home. Having this knowledge could create financial gain or prevent future losses. We can help clients understand ownership history, existing conditions of the land, easements, zoning, utilities, setback requirements, flood insurance needs, and much more.

We also have an esteemed collaboration with professionals from many areas of practice, such as mortgage brokers, insurance agents, engineers, architects, landscape architects, soil scientists, municipal code officers, planners, and floodplain administrators, to name a few. If there is something we cannot personally help you with, we know someone who can, and we are happy to provide trustworthy referrals.

Please call if you have questions or would like us to represent you in your next transaction.